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GuitarSmiths front cover copy 2.jpg
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by Brooks Robertson & John Standefer

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Release Date: 2015

Brooks & John have just finished a fabulous new CD!  GuitarSmiths, their second album release, reveals true depth with a wide array of musical styles and sounds, also featuring Pat Bergeson on harmonica and the Endless Roads Strings. One fan says, "Wow! Encouraged by their first CD winning the Recording of the Year by the National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame, GuitarSmiths Brooks and John came together again and crafted a true masterpiece of guitar artistry!"

And here's a quote from a true guitar giant:

"An orchestra of different sounds and rhythms coming from two performers! John and Brooks know so many different kinds of music, and they fit them all together beautifully into their guitar duo. Personally, I love to hear the double-thumbpickin' country style, and these guys are great at it! And Pat Bergeson's harmonica playing is amazing!"

- Guy Van Duser, Guitar Professor ~ Berklee College of Music




Cat's In the Cradle

Killing Me Softly

O The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus

Your Smiling Face

Jerry's Breakdown / Stump Water

Sixteen Tons

My Valentine


Lonely Woman