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As someone who came to Berklee seasoned as a performer and with increasing opportunities as an educator, being fully immersed into the endless source of knowledge, inspiration, and discovery of music that Berklee provides has constantly been educational, exciting, and stimulating. Through hard work across all classes, numerous performances & recitals on and off campus, attending workshops, concerts, studying with world-class faculty, and interacting with talented students from around the world, my experience at Berklee has aided me in becoming more adept across a variety of skills both as a musician and a professional in the industry. The last two years at Berklee have been an experience of a lifetime. Being a student in the Professional Music major has allowed me to expand my focus across multiple topics and fields I’m interested in and passionate about, ranging from performance, to music business, audio engineering & recording, composition, film scoring, arranging, pedagogical courses, harmony, ensembles, and entrepreneurial courses. Many of the skills absorbed in the classroom have immediately been applicable in my career as a performer, composer, and educator. My education at the college has continued to help me develop as a dynamic professional musician, further increasing my depth, experience, knowledge and skill across multiple disciplines. 


Throughout the next year I hope to gain further experience and knowledge within the fields of composition, arranging, production, and film scoring. Composing and arranging music for solo fingerstyle guitar, guitar trio, and small ensembles, for inclusion in self published music releases, potential synchronization opportunities with film & television, performance, and for future recitals at Berklee. Maintaining an open mind and energetic drive to approach each day and the full course load with 100% attention and effort is important to me, which will continue to translate into maintaining high academic performance. Another aspiration is to further refine my skills as a performer and instructor while collaborating more with Berklee students and faculty for performances and recording projects. A major overarching goal is to finish all my undergraduate studies in Boston by the end of 2018 and begin applying for graduate music programs.